AGM Proxy Distribution: How to Prepare & Mail a Proxy Package

March 6, 2019 9:20 am Published by
In part two of our three-part blog series about Annual Shareholder Meeting and Proxy, we will discuss distribution. To illustrate how it should work, here is our AGM proxy distribution process for our broker clients.
Once we receive a client’s proxy material at our print/mail facility, we complete the event setup and prepare to mail the proxy packages to the beneficial holders.
The following must be ensured:

  • Proposals on the Voting Instruction Form (VIF) or Notice match the client’s Proxy Statement
  • Correct content is enclosed: Proxy Statement, Annual Report, Voting Instruction Form, etc.
  • Notice & Access (NAA) instructions are properly followed (if applicable)
  • Issuer Direct Electronic Voting Sites and Control Numbers are accurate

The regulatory standard is to mail proxy packages within five days of receipt. But the sooner the better, such as our three-business-day mailing standard.
Finally, when it comes to distribution postage cost, there are several influencing factors: delivery method, size and weight of package, type of proxy mailing (Notice & Access or Full Set), and the time between when material is received and the meeting date.