Annual Shareholder Meeting -AGM / Proxy Solutions

Annual Shreholder Meeting

Annual Shareholder Meeting -AGM / Proxy Solutions

Experience the flow of a more streamlined,
simplified approach.

We know shareholder ownership and what drives votes inside and out. Our in-depth analysis identifies key factors, including ultimate voting intentions, responsibility and participation. Through best practices in proxy management, we create accurate timelines and timely, cost-effective campaigns.


Issuer Direct® is an industry-leading business communications and compliance company focusing on the needs of corporate issuers. Issuer Direct’s principal platform, Platform id., empowers users by thoughtfully integrating the most relevant tools, technologies and services, thus eliminating the complexity associated with producing and distributing financial and business communications. Headquartered in Raleigh N.C., Issuer Direct serves thousands of companies around the globe in 18 countries.

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