Virtual Event Platforms & Content for a Successful AGM

January 26, 2021 10:27 am Published by
According to a recent Forbes article, there has been at least one silver lining during the pandemic: an impressive 10 years’ worth of tech innovation in 10 months. One notable example is the rise of Virtual Annual General Meetings (AGMs), which has allowed for major industry shifts. In 2020, the number of virtual AGMs has tripled, and the trend is expected to continue as the virtual aspects of these meetings continue to develop.

A successful annual shareholder meeting requires transparent communication and engaged dialogue with shareholders. While there is no single road to success, one must be authentic when utilizing webcasting solutions for their AGM.

There are two important elements to focus on: content and virtual event platform.
As previously mentioned, an annual meeting should be transparent and open. It should only contain relevant information intended to create an informative, honest dialogue with shareholders.

Not all Virtual AGM platforms are created equal. It’s essential to research platforms that will allow a company to take control of its event. Many vendors offer features such as registration management, 1:1 meeting capabilities, auto-synchronized PowerPoint® slides, and full-production assistance. A company must identify its unique AGM needs and adopt a platform that will allow for an easy, efficient event.

As the economic environment continues to progress, digital innovation will become increasingly embedded within the finance industry.

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