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Fast-track your Whistleblower Hotline

A sophisticated Whistleblower Hotline is a vital part of any corporate governance system. Did you know, typical organization loses 5% of revenues in a given year as a result of fraud? Issuer Direct decided to take the problem into their own hands. We were one of the first compliance companies to provide fully integrated whistleblower services and web-based report capture systems for the public market. Today, we are one of the largest hotline providers in the world and a recognized leader in compliance disclosure.
Features of our system
  • Toll-free exchange
  • Country-specific number
  • Translation services
  • Unique identifiers for tracking and compliance
  • Textual submission alerts
  • Web interface API to your corporate website
  • A full Incident Management system
  • Record of all complaints securely archived
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Protect your company
Provide protection for your company and employees through our anonymous corporate platform. Issuer Direct offers a cost-effective Whistleblower Hotline for companies and their employees with safe and secure means of incident reporting. Contact a representative today to learn more about our platform and to schedule a demo.
How We Work.
1. Plan
Together with the client we estimate and clearly define top priorities.
2. Execute
Our work is organized in sprints, and progress is monitored daily.
3. Deliver
A product, ready to be handed to a client or stakeholder is presented.

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