Investor Targeting: Classify

Gain an advantage in building strong relationships with Classify’s retail investor intelligence.

Classify is a comprehensive, cloud-based data source that is setting the bar in corporate communications. Our data includes information we have acquired from over 24 years of being in the investor intelligence and outreach business. We added a platform that allows you to custom tailor the information and analytics tools to your needs.
Using our peer analysis intelligence platform, give investors the ability to understand the value of your company vs. others in your peer group with the return on investment chart. Quickly export that data to a presentation for your board.
Seamlessly export your graph to a regulatory document for compliance filing or create a targeted press release using our database of over 3.5 million professional media, retail, and financial professionals.

Our platform has equipped you with the tools to complete your own filing or global press release with the click of the mouse. Use our database to meet potential investors on your next business trip.
Classify Example

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Issuer Direct® is an industry-leading communications and compliance company focusing on the needs of corporate issuers. Issuer Direct’s principal platform, Platform id., empowers users by thoughtfully integrating the most relevant tools, technologies and services, thus eliminating the complexity associated with producing and distributing financial and business communications. Headquartered in RTP N.C., Issuer Direct serves more than 2,000 public and private companies in more than 18 countries.

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