Virtual Conference Best Practices & Meeting Tips: The 4 P’s

February 11, 2021 12:50 pm Published by
As the pandemic wears on, companies continue to tap into the virtual event format for an alternative to in-person events. But do virtual conferences deliver equal value to those involved? The short answer: absolutely. Here’s the longer one.

Because of their convenience and format, virtual AGM conferences encourage more engagement and productivity than in-person events. In addition, virtual options save organizers valuable time and money while surpassing participant expectations.

Here are the four p’s virtual conference organizers should follow to maximize their participant engagement:

  1. Purpose
    • Identifying a clear, concise reason for conducting an event will both facilitate the planning process and keep participants focused on the presented material.
    • The goal is to identify concise topic(s) that feel relevant and important to attendees. Providing targeted value will generate the greatest ROI for both organizers and participants.
  2. Platform
    • Organizers should decide their event structure early. Choosing a well-suited conference management platform is an important step in creating a successful virtual conference.
    • Ensure the selected platform encompasses all technological requirements, such as:
      • An easy-to-use website
      • Simple registration process
      • Tools for booking and managing meetings
      • Webcasting options that align with content
  3. Participants
    • Organizers must focus on developing an agenda that will bring their conference purpose to life.
    • An effective agenda helps manage time and drives participant engagement. Creative engagement opportunities include live Q&A or breakout rooms.
    • After developing the agenda, organizers must thoroughly communicate with participants on all aspects of the event:
      • The purpose and intended audience
      • Important structure details (date, time, deadlines)
      • Content topics
      • How to participate
  4. Performance
    • Adequate reporting is essential before, during and after the event to ensure success.
    • Data metrics provided by the conference management platform in combination with participant feedback allow organizers to make meaningful improvements to their virtual event offerings.

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