PR Strategies & Plans for Companies: Five Ideas to Consider

May 18, 2020 3:25 pm Published by

From streaming movies and music to video interfacing with loved ones and colleagues, reality continues to be more virtual. Many companies at this moment are also facing the very real task of determining how best to bring some employees back to the workplace. While every situation is unique, here are five over-arching PR strategies to keep in mind when communicating with key stakeholders.

  1. Invest in Morale: More than ever, firms are emphasizing delivering a supreme customer experience. For those results to materialize, staff must both feel valued and buy in. So, some organizations are committing to enhancing workforce experience through internal communications.

    “Everything about the customer journey needs to be mirrored in the employee journey, from the moment of recruitment to the point of sale,” says Susy Roberts, founder of people development consultancy Hunter Roberts.

  2. Watch the Radar: We hear the mantra of data-driven decisions on a daily basis. It is important to remember that this applies to more than your own numbers; it means factoring in reconnaissance from beyond company walls. Effective public relations and execution of business strategy are only possible alongside conscious environmental awareness for issues management.
  3. Wield the Shield: Before putting strategy in motion, identified threats must be prioritized and addressed. Currently, none are higher than public health concerns. This calls for adopting and communicating careful safety measures to staff, customers, vendors, and investors.

    On a parallel track, with more employees than ever working remotely, companies also have additional IT vulnerability. This demands a renewed emphasis on cybersecurity. Be clear and consistent in reminding staff of concrete practices to protect sensitive data that ensure business continuity and preserve customer trust.

  4. Advance with Tact: Companies are looking for ways to adapt and innovate to move forward. From your website and social media to email campaigns and advertising, review messaging to ensure it is considerate of today’s circumstances. Empathy is a core value of effective communication. Now is a time to let it shine.

    “Don’t just cut off contact with your customers because they’re not buying anything,” says Adam J. Epstein, head of Third Creek Advisors in Silicon Valley. “You need to ask how they’re doing and if you can help with anything. They won’t forget that.”

  5. Act with Purpose. Whether building widgets that keep machines moving or designing apps that engage users, enterprises exist to create more than revenue streams. Today, the most successful companies of the future are looking for ways to connect their work to making their communities and the world a better place.

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