Managing Investor Relations: Online Sources & IR Websites

May 5, 2020 11:13 am Published by
Twenty-five years ago, cable TV was already a $25 billion industry. Back then, an avid investor might start the day reading “The Wall Street Journal” while sipping coffee and end the day watching the stock ticker crawl across the TV screen on CNN or CNBC. Those habits continue today for many with money in the markets.

While investors’ trust in traditional media is holding steady, more than ever they’re also online searching for company information. Response to a 2020 survey showed that 98 percent of investors use digital sources to do research. Even more significant, three out of four investors said they look for facts online to make decisions.

In response to this growing trend, a stout majority of companies are committing resources to managing investor relations online. investor relations (IR) presence. A 2019 survey revealed that 90 percent of companies have or plan to make improvements to their IR web content to increase visibility with the financial community.

A fully integrated IR website is essential to centralize financial reports, earnings calls and company news. From current shareholders to prospective investors, if information is not easy to find and digest, they will turn their attention elsewhere.

It’s important that your company is discoverable online. One way to boost presence in search engine results pages (SERP) is through press release strategy. Embedding back links to your site through your news distribution supports search engine optimization (SEO) of content that investors are looking for.

By pairing a robust digital presence with a strong SEO strategy, your company can connect investors with the specific information they want at the exact moment they need it to make a sound decision.