Corporate Newsroom Tools: Media Engagement, Mobile & Branding

August 29, 2019 4:29 pm Published by
As the Internet has evolved, access to company news, including press releases, has increased dramatically. It’s no surprise that about nine out of every 10 adults now go online to read at least some news each week.

The always changing news media landscape is exactly why companies are investing in interactive, informative newsrooms designed for the digital age. When you provide more access to financial and company information through your newsroom, you create valuable engagement opportunities that can lead to more investors taking interest in your company, more stakeholders attending your earnings events and more people sharing your press release with a larger audience on social media.

Building a better company newsroom doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Here are five essential tools that can maximize a newsroom’s reach and engagement:

Media Engagement Database: As the definition of brand journalism has changed over the past decade, so has the state of media. While companies distributing press releases once focused mainly on traditional media such as news and media outlets, print distribution and broadcast news syndicates, more companies are expanding their distribution options to extend their reach, including opportunities such as journals and bloggers, specialty circuits and social media platforms.

Social Media Integration: Did you know that there are 2.1 billion social media users in the world? Even more surprising is that 70 percent of Internet users also use at least one social media platform. Figure out the days of the week and the times of the day when most people are reading and engaging with your business’ social media accounts; then push your press releases during these highest performing times.

Mobile-Readiness: News media, including press releases, is increasingly being read online. What’s remarkable, however, is how quickly mobile news viewership has grown in only a few short years. Pew Research Center’s FactTank found that between 2013 and 2017, mobile news readership grew from 21 percent to a staggering 58 percent.

Branding, Branding, Branding: While an investor relations website acts as the company’s face, press releases represent its voice. In just 10 seconds, people generate their first impression of a company. So, it’s now necessary that every communications effort match the company brand, especially a medium as outward facing as a press release. Creating a boilerplate to include at the bottom of the page can also help your company deliver a consistent message with each press release.

Multimedia: Images and videos have become a standard part of company press releases. We mention this a lot over at ACCESSWIRE, but it’s worth saying again: Every image or video your company includes with the release makes it more engaging.

Thankfully, some press release distribution services include unlimited multimedia with every press release, allowing your company to have the maximum possible engagement opportunities. Also, for additional communication opportunities for your company, be sure to include upcoming events and contact information for relevant executives and investor relations officers.

The company newsroom is one of the first places many stakeholders look on a company’s website. That’s exactly why every newsroom should take advantage of every tool possible to get maximum engagement.
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