Client Engagement & Customer Retention Strategies: 3 Tips

January 31, 2019 9:10 am Published by
At Issuer Direct, we are continually developing new ways to engage with your clients. While it’s important to be innovative, there are basic practices you can employ to keep your client engagement plan moving forward. Here are three tips you can apply today.

1. Be More Engaged on Social Media

Social media has completely changed the way companies interact with people — not just their clients. The interaction could be with employees, business prospects, or someone who is unfamiliar with the company.
For client engagement through social media, we recommend following what your clients are doing. It doesn’t mean always following their page but staying current with what they’re posting on their accounts. Stay up to date with the news and content they’re releasing. Plus, it’s important to convey to them that you’re following them.
When you see what your client is doing through a release or the content they’re posting on their page, like participation in a company charity day, give them a shout-out on your page. If you’re trying to create stronger client engagement, always stay informed.

2. Create Content That Will Draw in Your Clients

Content can be a great way to draw eyes to your social media, website or personal channels, and gives you another way to connect with your clients.
Writing blogs gives people reasons to come to your channels; not just for the normal sales pitch, but to hear from other industry professionals, your company’s views on current topics and more. Source content from your management, long-time sales professionals, or anyone that can create content on industry trends, tips and Q&As.
Voice is another channel to reach your clients. Podcasts can help you reach a new audience that may not be active on social media or doesn’t have time to read a blog. Podcast topics can include recapping your blogs or Q&As. Consider involving your clients with content development too. Whether it’s an interview or just getting their view industry point view, it shows that you value them as a client and appreciate their insight.

3. Keep Your Customers in the Loop

It’s ironic, but it’s easy to lose track of your client among all the new features or services added to your business. Make sure to stay in touch with a call, an email, even a tweet! If you can inform customers of the new feature of your business, it gives you an upsell opportunity and a way to get them on the phone.
Promotions are another way to stay in touch with clients, even if they’re not part of your current partnership.
While you try new, innovative ways to improve client engagement, don’t hesitate to go back to basics too.