Investor Communication & Engagement: 3 Steps for Improvement

February 14, 2019 9:24 am Published by
Do you find investor engagement tricky at times? While there is no foolproof plan, you can count outward engagement as an integral part of your investor communication. Beyond earnings calls and email campaigns, there are three steps you can take to improve communication between your company and investors.

1. Organize your website

It seems obvious but ensuring your investors can easily locate all the information they need — from EDGAR filings and press releases to stock charts, earnings transcripts and more — when visiting your website is a must.
The thought your company places into user experience and organizing its website will help make investors feel that they are investing in a company that cares. The added benefit is that an organized, user-friendly website can also help attract new investors.

2. Webcasting

Increasingly, companies are choosing earnings call webcasts over traditional voice calls. Through webcasting, investors get to see the face of your company. It’s a far more personal and engaging experience for investors.
Webcasts can include investor resources too. Issuer Direct, for example, enables companies to add investor press releases and stock quotes to their live webcasts.
More personal, more engaging and more informative. It’s worthwhile to your company to try a webcast in 2019.

3. Content

Content like blogs, podcasts and videos are conversation starters that generate investor questions and ideas, which can then improve engagement.
Don’t forget to push out your company’s content across social media. This gives you a direct channel to your investors that can create conversations and also shows how diverse you are with engagement.
These are just a few ways that your company’s outward engagement can improve your investor communication. Bottom line: The more you reach current investors, the more engaged they’ll remain.