Writing an Effective Press Release to Maximize Coverage

January 17, 2019 10:45 am Published by
Gone are the days of the one-size fits-all newswire. Here are three ways to write an effective press release to maximize your coverage.


1. Content:

The driver of your press release will always be content so don’t be afraid to get creative with it. Confidently use multi-media, like videos, pictures, tables and graphs, to paint a vivid picture and reach a broader audience. (Did you know that ACCESSWIRE doesn’t upcharge for multimedia?). Also, make your headline strong and clear to grab the attention of journalists and viewers, who see countless press releases a day.


2. Specialized Targeting:

Specialized targeting is starting to become a popular practice for many companies looking to extend their press release reach. Here’s how it works.


If, for example, you’re a healthcare company trying to get published in a trade journal or a manufacturing company looking for a shout-out in a magazine, the industry targeting list is important. It gives your company the opportunity to reach writers, bloggers, magazines and newsletters that are focused on a specific region that can reach local newspapers, TV stations and more.


3. Analytics:

Numbers don’t lie. If your recent release didn’t net the views you were hoping for, take a step back with your team and see what didn’t add up. Was it the title? Was it the content? Then, apply that insight when building the strategy for your upcoming press release.


These are the three ways you can maximize your press release reach. A fourth is to work with a reputable newswire service and press release platform, like ACCESSWIRE, where experienced professionals are at your service.