Annual Shareholder Meeting

Let us help you plan your next annual shareholder meeting.

In North America, most corporations are required to hold an annual shareholder meeting. Holding an annual meeting, or an annual general meeting (AGM) is an important event for shareholders of listed and non-listed companies. These meetings allow for partners and shareholders to review important fiscal information from the past year as well discuss and ask questions regarding the direction the company will pursue in the future.

Start Planning your next Meeting

Additional purposes for an Annual Shareholder Meeting:

  • To elect or re-elect the Board of Directors.
  • To appoint or ratify the corporations auditors.
  • To vote on employee stock option plans.
  • To vote on capital structure changes.

Issuer Direct understands that a meeting timeline is much more than just days between events. There is a significant amount of work in those periods between the dates. We will work with your team to build a calendar that takes into account the subtleties that can turn a meeting from a compliance headache into a valuable shareholder resource.

Allow us to assist with your next annual shareholder meeting. We can guide you through the benefits of an online proxy voting, (notice and access) versus a traditional (full-set) mailings.  We have the expertise and understanding to not only help you plan a meeting that will be in compliance, but one that will help facilitate the short and long term goals of your company.