Investor Outreach

Customized solutions to simplify, support and improve your shareholder reach.

Issuer Direct delivers the best breed of investor outreach programs designed to attract the right mix of both retail and institutional investors. As an Investor Relations Officer or C-Level Executive, part of your job is to communicate your story to investors as well as the markets. Utilizing our Investor Network will create the shareholder engagement you desire.

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Types of investors include:

Retail – in almost all cases, an individual shareholder that buys and sells securities that can be further defined into two categories, beneficial shareholder and registered shareholder.

Institutional – by definition, institutional investors generally are pension funds, mutual funds, hedge funds, insurance companies and investment advisors.

Example of a Retail Outreach Program

Our Order Annual Reports Service provides a level of lead generation effectiveness unmatched by any other investor relations’ service provider. We collect data on investors researching your company or sector and add them to your online database.

  • Focused e-mail marketing.
  • Targeted direct mail marketing.
  • Engaging partner promotions.
  • Search Engine Marketing.
  • Social Engagement.