XBRL Tagging

Our experienced team of accounting professionals, licensed CPA’s, QA analysts and IT professionals has made us one of the largest XBRL tagging groups in the country.

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Annual Meeting - Proxy

We have the expertise and understanding to help you plan an annual shareholder meeting that will not only be in compliance, but will also help facilitate the goals of your company.

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Social Disclosure

Under the SEC’s new changes, (effective April 2013) corporate issuers are now permitted to use popular social media accounts to distribute their messages online.

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Issuer Direct is a disclosure management and targeted communications company. Our headquarters are based in Raleigh, NC with several offices located around the world.  Our integrated platforms provide tools, technologies and services that enable our clients to disclose and disseminate information seamlessly through our proprietary network. With a focus on corporate issuers, we strive to help to alleviate the complexity of maintaining corporate compliance with the SEC. Our portfolio of products and services enhances companies’ ability to efficiently produce and distribute their financial and business communications both online and in print. Over the years, Issuer Direct has also become known in the financial industry as an innovator of disclosure management solutions and cloud-based compliance technologies.

In August of 2013, Issuer Direct acquired Richmond, Virginia based PrecisionIR Group, Inc., a leading provider of online investor relations and web-based corporate communications solutions. PrecisionIR helps clients build interest in their products and services by targeting institutional and self-directed high net-worth investors. This acquisition not only increases the customer base for Issuer Direct, but also adds new complementary solutions to our already robust suite of offerings. With this strategic purchase, Issuer Direct will now file, print and distribute more regulatory content than any other company in the world.

Since 2006, our focus has remained clear – provide complete end-to-end disclosure management and communications solutions for our clients in a highly customizable, easy to use format.  As a public company, Issuer Direct understands the reporting needs of your business.  We consistently deliver affordable products and services that are designed to not only save you time but to also simplify the often complicated task of maintaining your corporate compliance.

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