Disclosure Management

Our secure, cloud-based workflow system.

disclosure management

Corporate compliance has never been easier!

Issuer Direct is the only compliance company focused on bringing a secure, cloud-based DMS or Disclosure Management System to the market. This amazing tool will centralize disclosure reporting, shareholder communications, voting, news distribution, and transfer activities all into one secure workflow management system.

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The DMS is a secure, cloud-based workflow system that is driven by the demands of regulatory authorities such as the Securities & Exchange Commission, Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation, FINRA, and other market regulators. Companies are required to keep up with regulatory changes and disclosures, but have never before had such a comprehensive system to rely upon.

Just some of the things you can do within the DMS:

Compliance Reporting

  • Create, edit and file LIVE any Edgar document.
  • Comment and approve XBRL filings with XBRL Check.
  • Build, distribute and file LIVE Section 16 forms 3, 4, 5.

Shareholder Communications

  • Manage/Edit IR pages including charts, filings, and social media.
  • Share Earnings News with our Social Disclosure.

Proxy Services

Stock Transfer

  • Request issuances, manage reports and provide audit confirmations in real-time.

Management Console

  • Manage permissions for your entire team by the filing or by the project.
  • Add, edit or remove virtually any service within seconds.


  • Manage and maintain your own personal Corporate Profile+ account as well as those of your clients.



Time Is Money




 Time Is Money!





This exact workflow technology has been powering our entire back-office team for the last five years. Discover what over a thousand compliance professionals have already learned – the DMS is the only complete back-office disclosure system for today’s public company.

Effective proxy voting services for today’s Issuer.

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Press Release Distribution available 24 hours a day/7 days a week!